Patrol Services

Blackwatch Patrol Services are a cost-effective alternative to on-site security personnel in many environments. If employed properly, patrol services can be a strong deterrent to crime and provide a number of valuable services, such as alarm response, after-hours control of locks and gates, and periodic inspection of key locations of concern.

Service Options

Blackwatch offers two varieties of community patrol services:

  1. Shared Community Patrol

This service is a cooperative security patrol shared between a few communities in close proximity of each other. To ensure that client properties receive close attention and fast response, Blackwatch Protective Services organizes the location of all shared community patrols into very tight zones.

  1. Assigned Community Patrol

Our Assigned Community Patrol (ACP) services offer the same level of service as the shared patrol, except they never leave your property. In this situation, the ACP unit is assigned exclusively to your property.

In residential communities, ACP officers implement the same CCBPI approach as foot officers at other Blackwatch properties. ACP officers actively reach out to the community and work with residents to resolve community issues.

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